Welcome to my creative space. My name is Cassandra (but Cass or Cassie work too). I’m a documentary photographer, writer at degreesofglory.blog, and a service advocate for a well-known¬†insurance company (but I only do the insurance gig 40 hours a week).

I moved to Grand Rapids after graduating with a psychology degree. I worked in a psychiatric hospital after college and switched into the corporate world in the spring of 2016. Both post-college jobs have been great for the different seasons of life I’ve experienced since starting out the post-grad life. The season I find myself in right now demands the need for a creative, joyful outlet. I hope the joy I find in the life I’ve been given is well communicated in the photographs I’ve shared. Here you’ll find the people who make up my life. You’ll see the trips to the beach, the daily interactions with friends who feel like family, and the extraordinarily lovely moments I get to be a part of.

Most of life is mundane, so I firmly believe in finding the extravagance within the mundane.

More recently I’ve begun to seek out more photography opportunities outside of my comfort zone and with people whose paths I wouldn’t have crossed outside of photography. It’s been a learning experience, and the one thing I’ve taken away from it has been the desire to keep at it.

If you’re looking for a photographer with a passion for candid, real life honesty in their photos, please reach out to me on my Contact page. I’d love to hear your story and work with you to create meaningful photos.

Photos which will capture the extraordinary moments of your life.

Thanks so much for being a part of this with me.


p.s. the photo was taken by my friend Dylan Kraayenbrink – check out his site at https://dkmediaxyz.wordpress.com.