Welcome to my site! My name is Cassandra (but Cass or Cassie work too). I’m a documentary photographer, writer at degreesofglory.blog, and also an Associate Account Manager for Hub International, which is a North American based insurance company. My work experience and interests are eclectic, and I know that it probably sounds funny that someone as creatively driven as I am would also work in the insurance industry. It’s a long story, but if you want to hear the whole spiel, reach out to me on my contact page and we can grab coffee downtown. 🙂

Here’s what you need to know, though: If you’re looking for a photographer with a passion for real life honesty in their photos, you’ve found her. I firmly believe that photography is mostly psychological, and that a good photographer can read emotional cues better than anyone else. I don’t believe it’s possible to take an honest photo without honest emotion, no matter what that emotion may be. Good photos tell stories, and sometimes those stories are hard. The beauty of documentary photography is that a story comes to life when it encounters the honest truth. If this is the kind of portraiture you’re looking for, I’d love to hear your story and work with you to create meaningful photos.

Sometimes, though, all you need are headshots taken in flattering lighting, and that’s great, too. Feel free to peruse my blog to get a glimpse of my style. No matter what, I’m always interested in hearing new ideas for photos and taking on challenges to strengthen my skill and understanding of the craft. Photography is an art, and art should always be challenged toward growth.

Thanks so much for stopping by site. I hope to meet you soon!


p.s. The photo was taken by my friend Randi King, who is also a talented Grand Rapids lifestyle photographer. Check out her work at randikingphotography.com